Our Story

Chennai based Inthree Access is revolutionising rural eCommerce by providing delivery of products – including White Goods, Mobiles and Cooking Appliances – at the customer’s doorstep.

With local teams, local language-based Apps and a Customer Service team that speaks the languages of 16 States (including dialects like Bhojpuri, Sambalpuri and Bodo!), Inthree is very much an ‘insider’ in Rural India. With the Rural Customer becoming more assured by the day and seeking aspirational products and brands, the only factor stopping a consumption explosion is access! Inthree caters to the access deprived rural markets, by making available all brands and products that customers desire, at their very doorstep, no matter how remote the location.

With an incredibly deep last mile network, Tech enabled operations and a fabulous team of 460 people, Inthree today provides the elusive distribution reach in Rural India.